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26 October 2010


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i'm so happy for you bella, this was so, so good and i'm here listening. love you. xo

oh, sweetie, i'm so, so glad you had such a heart-opening and soul-enriching experience. i'm here to tell you that i SEE you, Bella...always. and honor and value and cherish all the parts of you, even the ones i don't know.

your photos are beautiful.


How beautiful your words and images are, I would love to attend Squam by the Sea next year, I went to Squam in NH this Sept and felt all that you share here. I live in NJ so I know the shore you speak of..

Karen D(from unravelling)

:) karen. got your email. reply is on it's way. xo

Bella ~ this post is stunning. You say you do not have the words to describe the experience yet you have done it so beautifully here. I am blown away by your images.

You are such a radient individual. Stunning, absolutly stunning.

You write so beautifully. Truly. Reading that was to experience pieces of those few days all over again. I am SO HAPPY to have met you. You are to very, very, very special (and totally fabulous too!) xo xo

Bella you write so beautifully. And your photos too. So blessed to have met you at Squam. Will follow you everywhere in the virtual world til we meet again. My your days be filled with the Magic Medicine of creativity. All love, Riva

Bella, reading this takes me right back there. Thank you. Your words are beautiful.

your words and photos are so beautiful. thank you for sharing them and sharing yourself with me. i have missed your face in the morning and hearing you delightful accent. xoxox

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